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The time has come to make a huge difference again! The 20th Series of Cancer Summit 2023 will take place in the beautiful city of Rome, Italy on December 14-16, 2023, with the theme "Modern Innovations in Cancer Therapies: Advancing Treatment for Better Outcomes"

This Cancer Summit 2023 (Hybrid Event) would be an excellent opportunity for Cancer Experts, Cancer Specialists, Oncologists, Radiologists, Chemotherapists, Bioinformatics Departments, and the general public to showcase their research work.

This year's Cancer Summit 2023 Conference will feature ten or more keynote lectures, fifty or more plenary lectures, ten or more Young Research Forum lectures, and twenty or more poster sessions.
There will also be three or more seminars and two or more symposiums.

Salient Features:

  • Dedication to exceeding our participant's expectations by providing the highest standards in cancer management.
  • Interact with world-renowned scholars.
  • The Cancer Summit 2023 sessions are highly innovative and useful to all medical professionals that come into contact with cancer problems every day.
  • Encourage young researchers via rewards for young researchers and act as a career advisor for them.
  • Cancer Summit 2023 provides the ideal global networking platform for all the presenters

Abstracts accepted for publication will be indexed in PubMed, MEDLINE, ProQuest, SCOPUS, EBSCO, CAS, Hinari, Index Copernicus, Google Scholar, SCIRUS, and DOAJ.

Each abstract will be assigned a DOI by Cross Ref.

Exposure of your study around the world Networking with experts from all over the world

Created Google Speaker and Abstract pages under your name will bring worldwide recognition to your profile and study, and it will be available to 35K researchers around the world.

Benefits of Publishing:

  • Open Access publishing benefits authors in a variety of ways.
  • High-quality standards, rapid peer review, and growth.
  • The author's exposure and presence are increased as a result of free distribution and regular citation.
  • The Creative Commons license allows for unlimited re-use and licensing
  • Online access is easy and quick.
  • A high impact factor and the likelihood of being cited boost the author's API Index.

Why the Cancer Summit in 2023?

  • Give presentations, distribute information, network with current and potential scientists, make an impact with new cancer discoveries, and gain name recognition at this event.
  • This conference will feature world-renowned speakers, cutting-edge strategies, innovations, and the most recent Pharmacovigilance updates.
  • A place where you can express yourself while still ensuring the validity of your beliefs.
  • Socializing and networking with coworkers and managers.
  • Collaborations, advancement in one's career, and personal involvement all contribute to a bright future.
  • Getting out of your comfort zone is never easy, especially when it comes to giving self-analysis speeches.
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