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Prof. Yongxiang Zhao
Prof. Yongxiang Zhao
Professor of Clinical Oncology, National Center for International Research of Biological Targeting Diagnosis and Therapy
Guangxi Medical University

Prof. Yongxiang Zhao is the innovative leading talent of National "Ten Thousand Talent Programme", the director of the National Center for International Research of Biological Targeting Diagnosis and Therapy, the moderator of the BIT’s 5th World Gene Convention Keynote Forum---Nobel Laureate Forum, the national talented person of “New Centuary National Hundred, Thousand and Ten Thousand Talent Project”. The leader of National Innovative Talent Promotion Program---Innovation Team of National Key Fields, the leader of National Innovation Team for the Changjiang Scholars Project, the expert of National "Ten Thousand Talent Programme" and “Changjiang Scholars Programme”, the expert of National Natural Science Foundation of subject review group, the standing director of Chinese Immunological Society, the member of Chinese Medical Association Professional Committee of Clinical Precision Medicine, the expert of National Science and Technology Award assessment, the member of Chinese medical science and Technology Award Evaluation Committee, the member of Gene Therapy Branch of Chinese Medical Association. The reviewers and editorial board members of multiple SCI journals such as Nature. He has taken charge of 14 national science and technology major projects and 16 provincial and ministerial projects.

Research Interest

Focus on biological targeting diagnosis and therapy for tumor, including: 1?The key targets and mechanism of malignant tumor’s occurrence and progress. 2?Homologous antitumor vaccines. 3?Research and development of heterologous oncolytic biological drugs. 4?Research and development of tumor biotargeted diagnostic reagents. Based on these research results, 79 SCI papers have been published in international journals, such as Nature Biotechnology (IF=41.67). One International Academic Award, one ministerial and provincial first prize, thirty national patents and two authorized international PCT patents. Future Outlook: It is believe that the new anti-cancer cell vaccines and oncolytic drugs, which are being transforming by the Biological Target Diagnosis and Treatment Innovation Team leaded by Prof. Yongxiang Zhao, will make a great breakthrough in targeting tumor therapy.

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